Ideas About Art

Explore ideas about the nature and practice of art. 

I view art as a means of connecting one world with another. I prefer this to it being considered 'a means of exchange', a phrase which implies art is transactional.

My experience of art is more than the acquisition of facts, information, and skills. Art can provide these things, but its fundamental qualities are that it inspires, reveals, and touches the spirit. As it does so, it lays the seed for those experiencing it to act with more thought and care for one another, and the world. For me, art is aligned with love, and beauty, and these are best given or expressed when far removed from seeking something in return.

An Index of Ideas About Art

Why I Write About Art

Love And Making

The Wilful Artist

Art and Adversity
Beauty and Desire
Before Art

Far and Free From View
Design, Illustration, and Art
The Art of Heart and Mind

Performance Art · Recorded Art

Music When Alone and With Others

First, Second, and Third

One Tiny Change · Art Becomes


Art and Literature

Sound And Music

When Dance Becomes Art

Sculpture, Sight, Sound, And Touch

Ceramic Art

Photography And The Still Image

Why Poetry?

Film As Art

Digital Art and AI

Fart As Art

Who I Make For

Take Your Pick

What Art Can and Cannot Do

Where Art Comes From

Creative Theft

Where Music Comes From

Art and Simplicity

The Elements of Art

Accessibility and Art

Emotion and Art

Either · Or · Whole

What Music Is Not

Short Definitions of Art

The Inkblot That Is Art

Mathematics and Art

The Freedom To Move

Captive Art

Art And Ownership

Art and the Tenacity of Freedom

Art and Feeling

Explaining Art

Fragments · Making · Art

True Art

Art And Time

Each Alone and With

Politics and Art

Harmony · Consonance and Dissonance

Obsession and the Artist

Small and Big · Short and Long · Simple and Complex

Trust and Art

As I Make I Make Mistakes

The Art of Leaving Out

Architecture and Art

Age and the Artist

The Same and New

Art At Arm's-Length

The Business of Art · Acts of Love


Art And Action

Art, Alone and Together

Consensus and the Limitations of Great Art

Sensed, Significant, Expressive, and Worthy of Attention

Thought Without Language

A Critical View of Conceptual Art

What Art Is · What Art Is Not

Self-Belief and the Artist

Each Alone When Close

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