Music When Alone And With Others

I listen to a short piano piece. The music is beautiful, powerful, mysterious. If I listen with others, if they move as I, slowly or with pace, at the same time and in the same place, we sense and share without the need of words. Movement and sound precedes language and meaning.

Unlike an image that reminds me of something I have seen, or words that mean, music exists only during its brief unfolding moment. Music is not still, it moves through time, and I am touched by this, our common bond. Music makes no judgement and gives no reason, nor answer. It is the simple sound of being.

Music I hear alone is enough to change my day from dark to light, and back again.

Music I hear with others gives me, in its time, hope that others feel the same.

The certainty of music is that no matter my weakness, it wakes me, it moves me as the dawn.

The Craft of Art