Why I Write About Art

Art is an area of experience that can transcend cultural, political, and religious points of view, yet be relevant and of value for the body, mind, spirit, and to society. Art is commonly experienced as neither ethically good, nor bad. It is often open in its making and receiving. It is a means to give and take. Art is one way to appreciate another's view and experience, and helps us empathise and understand those we love, as much as those who we do not.

Art is how humans connect more widely with one another. We feel this connection intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, despite our differences of age, gender, economic circumstance, culture, and time of being.

Art does not require faith, but may be an expression of faith. Art does not require love, but can be a declaration of love. Art is not beauty, but a manifestation of it.

Art is where experiences are shared and differences collide, peacefully.

The Craft of Art