why poetry?

With words I think, I say, I reach, I seek to touch without the sight and sign of skin to skin,

With words I place idea and self within another's breath,

And if that breath bestowed we breathe, we hold that whispered wind of change as one,

For moment of that breath we share, a place this sheltered soul takes wing,

The better I become.

. . .

Poetry seeks to express complex ideas and experiences eloquently, playfully, and with special care for the placement of words so they may be tirelessly revisited.

Poetry is the shape, sound, and rhythm of words, as much as their metaphor and meaning. How words dance across the page or through the air connects differently than an elegant, articulate passage of prose. Poetry is impish, challenging, intense. At times we sense the poetic in prose, in the way someone acts, or in another's way of being.

The Craft of Art