Photography And The Still Image

Photography: the act of taking a picture with the aid of a device that records light, with particular care given to composition and creative transformation of the image.

. . .

When I view a still image, a drawing, photograph, or painting, I find myself in a world of silence and thought.

No matter what the subject, a chair for example, my eyes dart across the image, my mind wonders from one experience of light or its absence to the next, from one idea or story to another.

Photography can be art, however few images taken by a camera result in art. Being beautiful, powerful, or captured, does not make a thing art. Art arises through creative intent, honest effort, and skill.

I think of an empty chair in a small white room. No matter how carefully and with how many words I describe the scene, I do not capture the elegance of experience that is my gazing of a single still image.

The Craft of Art