Architecture is a multidisciplinary design practice that includes practical, utility, and conceptual design elements.

Architecture is functional and restricted by practical constraint. First and foremost, a building must be safe and usable. The creativity and aesthetic judgement of architecture serves its purpose: to host people and objects.

Architecture plays a significant role in our state of mind as we move and interact outside and within the buildings it has resulted in. This interaction is physical, emotional, social, and at times, spiritual. Perhaps it is the multifaceted way in which we think and feel when in a building that suggests it is far more than design.

I do not view architecture as art, despite its sculptural qualities and often sublime aesthetic features.

Art's primary purpose is to express, examine, and reveal ideas and/or relationships. Architecture's primary purpose is to be a vessel for our living, working, playing, studying, eating, loving, punishing, and resting. 

The Craft of Art