I view the artistic expression of a child as equally significant as that of a person who has reached their centenary. We all have the potential to express ourselves with movement, sound, light, and word.

I imagine a child who has experienced the loss of their parents whom they have loved. They make a painting expressing their loss called 'What I Miss'. It is a small, simple painting of two dark red hearts on a plain background of sky blue. If the painting was made by an adult it would be no more forceful, nor more enriching. If placed in a gallery and given a generous space that allowed the viewer to focus on the work, the painting would demand equal attention to that of a painting made by a well known and respected adult artist.

Art is not defined as a public object of importance. Art is not good because of who it is made by, nor by how much it can be sold for. 

Art requires no more than to be a creative expression of special significance that is experienced.

You can be any age and produce art that connects, moves, and enriches.

The Craft of Art