Emotion: a personal and intimate quality of experience that living things encounter, resulting from internal thoughts, physical change, external stimulus, or periods of confinement or inaction.

The sky is clear. The moon, bright. The air, still.

I breathe the cold crisp quiet before the dawn. I marvel at its beauty, the earth, my home. I fill with wonder. I stay no more than five small minutes, then start my work.

Ideas, principles, reason may persuade me, but it is the strength of my feelings that move me to make. 

The rich, energetic, unbridled, elaborate experience of emotion is the pulse to my creative life.

My emotional response is intense, although I often keep it hidden when with others, especially love.

I value emotion as a summary of my past experience and understanding of myself and others in the light of what is happening in my present. When alone, I focus my emotion as a tool I use when making.

The Craft of Art